List of Award Winners

Best Overall Film: Untitled (Jonnydude)

Best Drama: Save Me (EJ)

Best Comedy: Ode To Tennessee (NinjaLibrarian)

Best Film of Another Genre: Untitled (Jonnydude)

Best Original Screenplay: (Tie) Visions (GodfatherStudios) and Untitled (Jonnydude)

Best Actor: Simon Pegg - Untitled (Jonnydude)

Best Actress: (Tie) Megan Mullally - Diva (Carrifel) and Rose McGowan - Before It's Too Late (Aaron Rowland)

Best Supporting Actor: Dave Matthews - Save Me (EJ)

Best Supporting Actress: Fariuza Balk - Ode To Tennessee (NinjaLibrarian)

Best Cinematography: Untitled (Jonnydude)

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