B.D. Milo


Also Known As
Lucky Monkey, Milo

Positions at TMG
Current CEO / Executive Producer of Lucky Monkey Productions
Former Editor in Chief of The Pitch

B.D. Milo was born on March 27, 1965.
He works and resides in San Francisco, CA where he runs Lucky Monkey Productions.
B.D. is a popular, yet an enigmatic, figure in Hollywood. His career has spanned three regimes (FM, HTG and TMG) and his films have touched on numerous genres, including drama, comedy, documentary, sci-fi, action, and westerns. He is also is also an accomplished musician and assists in keeping things running behind the scenes as needed by the administration of every incarnation in which he has been a player. B.D. was also the Editor in Chief of The Pitch, TMG’s first official news spot. He has contributed game design elements for both studios and producers and is currently working on expanding his responsibilities to include new forms of media. His career as a producer and creative designer are well known, but his world-travel and access to various high-powered weapons have been cause for rampant speculation as to his other pursuits.

Rodeo Clowns (2006)
Deadlands (2006)
Mission Impossible: Operation Daedalus (2006)
Deadlands: Independence Day (2006)
Cannon Ball Run: Full Throttle (2006)
Starcraft (2007)

Total B.O. Gross: $1,475,079,126

Mission: Impossible
The Greatest American Hero
Captain America

Creative Company
Lucky Monkey Productions

Steven Spielberg, Robert Rodriguez, Joss Whedon, Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock, George Lucas, Stephen Chow, John Woo, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen King, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, and the lovely Jennifer Connelly.

Often puts music from his bands (The Poxy Boggards, The Shatners, Brazil 2001) in his films.
Writes in a highly cinematic style to better convey the visual essence of the film.
Enjoys working with his friends and always puts at least one member of his entourage into his films.

Summer 2006
Best Director
Robert Rodriguez - Deadlands

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Creative Company
Lucky Monkey Productions

Best Poster
Hellblazer II: Royal Blood Animated Teaser

Best Website

Winter 2006
Best Actress
Jennifer Connolly - Profit Motive

Summer 2007
Best Ad Campaign

Winter 2007
Best Poster
Resident Evil


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