Jimmy Russell

Status: Active

Current Positions:
Head Editor of Hush Hush Magazine

Personal Awards Won:
3x Best Critic (Winter 06, Summer 07, Winter 07)
Best Producer (Winter 07)

Sudden Loss of Charlie (2006)
Analyzing Fear (2006)
The Punisher (2007)
100 Bullets (2007)
Staring at the Sun (2007)
The Ragged (2007)
The Punisher 2: War Zone (2007)
100 Bullets: Split Second Chance (2008)

Total B.O. Gross: $1,603,480,118

Creative Company: Rockskipper Creative

Franchises Owned: The Punisher, 100 Bullets, The Tick, Gone With the Blast Wave and Guitar Hero

Influences: Considers Kessler to be one of his main influences but has also stated that the works of EJ, Jonnydude, Goose and Corey are all of great influence.

Trademarks: Frequently casts Aaron Stanford, John C. McGinley and Gael Garcia Bernal



Antonio Banderas
Nicolas Cage
Jim Carrey
Tom Cruise
Robert Englund
Colin Farrell
Ralph Fiennes
Anthony Hopkins
Thomas Jane
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Tommy Lee Jones
Vinnie Jones
John C. McGinley


Dakota Fanning
Keira Knightley
Christina Ricci


Guillermo Del Toro
Rob Zombie

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