Pacific Vortex

Studio: New Wave Cinema

Producer: Rick Arnold

Director: James Cameron

Nathan Fillion … Dirk Pitt
Jeremy Piven … Al Giordino
Tonantzin Carmelo … Summer Moran
Lance Henriksen … Admiral Leigh Hunter
Wes Studi … Delphi Moran
Sarah Lancaster … Adrian Hunter
Michael Biehn … Commander Paul Boland
Temuera Morrison … Liut. Commander Samuel Crowhaven
Ron Livingston … Captain Orl Cinana
Nicky Katt … Lieutenant Stanley
Sam Raimi … Commander Burdette Denver
Ted Raimi … Rudi Gunn
Terry O'Quinn … Admiral James Sandecker

Release Date: August 18th, 2006

Budget: $57,000,000

Total Box Office: $83,429,095



  • Sam Raimi has a small cameo role as a Naval officer who's the cousin of Ted Raimi's Rudi Gunn.

Awards & Nominations:
Winter '06 Best Supporting Actor Nomination (Jeremy Piven)

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