Resident Evil

Studio: New Wave Cinema

Producer: Jonnydude / Rick Arnold

Director: Zach Snyder

Michelle Monaghan … Jill Valentine
Josh Hartnett … Chris Redfield
Christian Bale … Cpt. Albert Wesker
Bruce Willis … Barry Burton
Paul Rudd … Edward Dewey
Camilla Belle … Rebecca Chambers
Barry Pepper … Richard Aiken
Clancy Brown … Enrico Marini
Nicholas Brendan … Brad Vickers
Josh Holloway … Forest Speyer
Gael Garcia Bernal … Joseph Frost
Courtney B. Vance … Kenneth Sullivan
Ian McShane … Chief Brian Irons
Harold Perrineau … Marvin Branagh
Jonnydude … Officer Kevin Dooley

Release Date: October 19th, 2007

Budget: $67,000,000

Total Box Office: $253,670,117

B.D. Milo


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Resident Evil


  • Rick Arnold wrote the Jill/Dewey segments and Jonnydude wrote the Chris/Rebecca segments and shared writing duties on the rest of the script.
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