Siege Studios

Studio Head: F.S. Kessler
Assistant: Terry Richards
Archnemesis: Mac


December 15th, 2005

Closed from February 2007 to January 2008

Was replaced in the Studio rotation by Outback Studios (Head: EJ). Outback is no longer active.

Siege has had 4 Assistants in its history: Tom Horton (2006), Terry Richards (2006), EJ (2007), Terry Richards (2008)

Almost released Pedro's The Screech Monkeys…and then thought better of it. In addition, almost released Michael Nicks's stolen ARIZONA before the prick got caught.

Nada Va Con Jueves(2005)
Los Angeles(2006)
The Betterment(2006)
Alone In The Dark(2006)
The Sun Also Rises(2006)
Batman: Checkmate(2006)
Monday In Mexico(2006)
Deep River(2006)
Hellblazer II: Royal Blood(2006)
Fahrenheit 451(2006)
Jimmy Bond Saves The World(2006)
Mission: Impossible: Operation Daedalus (2006)
The Mercy House Split (2006)
The Flash (2006)
El Mariachi: Sons Of Mexico (2006)
The Prisoner (2006)
Kayfabe Has Been Broken (2006)
Superman: Last Son of Krypton (2006)
Hellblazer III: Dangerous Habits (2006)
Katie (2006)
Daredevil (2006)
Guinness Boy (2006)
Streets of America (2006)
The Carnival (2006)
Stars Wars: Rise of the Sith (2006)
Eat Shit And Die (2006)
Sonic (2006)
Brothers (2007)
Hellblazer IV: The Family Man (2007)
Starcraft (2007)
Hellblazer V: Hard Time (2008)
F.O.D. (2008)
Demon In The Window (2008)

Best Studio (TMA, Summer 06)

Best Picture: Deep River (TMA Summer 06)
El Mariachi: Sons of Mexico (TMA Winter 06)

Best Producer: FSKessler (Twice:TMA Summer 06, Winter 2006)

Best Original Screenplay: Deep River (TMA Summer 06)
Streets of America (TMA Winter 06)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Hellblazer (TMA Summer 06)
El Mariachi: Sons of Mexico (TMA Winter 06)

Best Actor: Russell Crowe (Twice: The Mercy House Split & Streets of America-Entourage: Mothra, Summer/Winter 06)

Best Supporting Actor: Johnny Depp (Streets of America, Winter 06-Entourage: Corey)

Best Director: Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi: Sons of Mexico, Winter 06)

Best Hero: John Constantine/Paul Bettany (Hellblazer, Summer 06)

Best Villain: Gorilla Grodd/John Malkovich (The Flash, Summer 06) & The Devil/Johnny Depp (Hellblazer IV, Summer 07)

First studio to break $300 Million dollars with a single release
(Mission: Impossible: Operation Daedalus by BDMilo: $304,032,789 grossed)

First studio to win TMA Best Studio

Has more releases than all active studios combined (33 as of 2/20/08)

Holds 2 of the top 5 highest grossing movies of all time: Starcraft (Written by BDMilo) & Streets of America (Written by FSKessler)-Shares records with Wiseguy Film Company

Holds 2nd biggest opening weekend ever (Hellblazer V: Hard Time, January 2008)

Holds record for largest screen count: 10,904 (Starcraft, Written by BDMilo, 2007)

Has been nominated for more TMAs than any other studio

The ONLY remaining original studio (Original Studios: Siege Studios, New Wave Cinema, Chain Of Command & Firestarter Films)

$3,190,825,301…with more to come.


The Hulk
Boondock Saints
Indiana Jones
The Crow
John Sable: Freelance


Large Crime Set
Large Action Set
Medium Horror Set
Medium Adventure Set
Sales & Marketing Department w/Marketing Division

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