Studio: New Wave Cinema

Producer: Lawrence142002

Director: Martin Scorsese


Christian Bale… Neil Douglas
Jack Nicholson… Osgood Smiley
Jack Black… Harry Eckhardt
Mark Whalberg… Jimmy Kirk
Evan Rachel Wood… Colleen Larson
Christopher Walken… Judge Ross Clark
Emily Deschenal… Laura Hampton
Nathan Fillion… Marcus Dunn
Donal Logue… Det. Harvey Samuels

Release Date: June 1st 2007

Budget: Unknown

Total Box Office: 243,261,020

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  • This was Lawrence's first film.
  • It was made into a sequel Indicted (2007)
  • It was filmed entirely in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Christian Bale, Jack Nicholson, and Jack Black all mastered Pittsburgh accents.
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